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The Peter Brojde Center for Innovative Engineering and Computer Science is devoted to acquiring, generating and disseminating knowledge at the frontiers of science, and directing it towards the advancement of science and technology. To this end, the Center fosters collaborative, interdisciplinary research and education in science and engineering that addresses the future needs of society. It promotes internal collaboration among the Hebrew University faculty, and external collaboration with researchers from other universities and from high-tech industries, both in Israel and abroad.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

     Alan Kay

24th of January 2014

Yossi Kabessa, the Bryant and Lillian Shiller Fellow at the Peter Brojde Center has won the Singapore Challenge 2014 in the Global Young Scientists Summit@one-north  (GYSS@one-north) that was held last week in Singapore. His proposal was about using biosensors based on genetically engineered bacteria to monitor the presence of a wide spectrum of pollutants and hazardous materials in the water supply system of large urban areas.
The GYSS@one-north is a gathering of leading young scientists (doctoral students and post docs.) from all over the world, with internationally eminent science and technology leaders in Singapore.
The theme for GYSS@one-north is “Advancing Science, Creating Technologies for a Better World”. Over a specially curetted 5-day program, bright young researchers will interact with eminent scientists and peers to discuss key areas of science & research, technology innovation & society, and solutions to global challenges.
Within the framework of the GYSS@one-north participants are encouraged to submit a white paper proposing innovative solutions to an identified global challenge. The Singapore Challenge this year was devoted to the Modern City. The award was presented to Yossi by Dr. Tony Tan Keng Yam the president of Singapore.

Yossi Kabessa who won the Singapore Challenge for 2014 is a researcher at the Peter Brojde Center of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is currently studying towards the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Physics under the guidance of Professor Aharon Agranat.
Yossi holds a B.Sc in exact sciences, and M.Sc in Appllied Physics both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His M.Sc research was done under the guidance of Prof. Agranat and was devoted to developing a generic methodology for Simultaneous sensing a many substances using genetically engineered bacteria.
Yossi is married and has four children.

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